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Walkers Are Welcome

Bottle conditioned, 6% in 330 ml bottles. Release date 8 October 2018

A second brew for the Cromer Chapter of the Walkers Are Welcome organisation who held their AGM in Cromer in October 2018. This is a lovely straight saison with a great gentle hoppiness nased around the French Strisslespalt and English Northdown hops.

Walkers Are Welcome

Herbed saison 5.2%
Bottle conditioned, in 500 ml bottles, crown capped.
Release date 1 August 2017.

Brewed on: 28.6.2017 Bottled: 16.7.2017 and 24.7.2017

Cromer has recently acquired the status of a Walkers Are Welcome Town and I also run Geology Walks on the North Norfolk coast. So it wasn't surprising that I should be approached by Hilary Cox and Siri Taylor of the local Walkers Are Welcome committee asking if I would brew a beer to celebrate their achievement and promote Cromer as a walking destination. There was time in the brewing schedule to get one ready for early August so I agreed. I needed a beer that was balanced, both sustaining and refreshing, so I turned to saison once again and when I found that I had some clippings from the rosemary bushes in my garden I decided it would be a herbed saison. In order to be truly thirst-quenching I decided to package it in 500 ml instead of the usual 375 champagne bottles that I normally use for saison.

The beer is based around Branthill Maris Otter Pale Malt (81%) with some wheat malt (12%) and a little Cara Gold (7%). The hops are Fuggles and Aurora for bittering and Cascade and Amarillo for aroma. There was rosemary and bronze fennel added 10 minutes from the end of the boil and the whole was fermented with Whitelabs French Saison (WLP 3711). I hurried the fermentation along with some Mangrove Jack's M44. The OG was 1.044 and it finished at 1.004, bringing it to 5.2% abv.

The beer has gone down well with the Walkers Are Welcome group. Below, Hilary Cox says "Cheers" to the brewer.

Photo: Siri Taylor

Video: 'Walkers Are Welcome Beer - The Brewer's Tale' by Siri Taylor

Siri Taylor is one of the organisers of Cromer's Walkers Are Welcome initiative and she is also a professional video maker. She very kindly came along on brew day and again on a bottling day to create this short (6 minute 20 second) video (painstakingly edited down from the hour and a half of video footage that was shot).

What the customers say

"Brewed to celebrate Cromer becoming a Walkers Are Welcome town, this little Saison is made with herbs and Fuggles grown by Martin in his garden and itís a thirst quenching delight. Pouring a honey gold, the aroma is bouquet garni and honeysuckle, and taking a swig you find a lovely bright and fresh, dry and steely garden herb juiciness that is underpinned by the light aniseed, celery and hedgerow foliage of the hops. The malting is soft honey pancakes and caramel waters, and all this is driven along by the round and warming earthiness of the Saison yeast. I could drink this all day."
Simon Williams, Campaign for Really Good Beer

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer