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Strange Attractor

Bottle conditioned non-linear pale ale (wild beer), in 375 ml champagne bottles, corked and caged.
Release date 22 April 2016.

Brewed on: 27.2.2016 Bottled: March 2016.


A beer that was inspired by a conversation with James Rylance, head brewer at Redchurch Brewery in the East End of London. A gentle wild pale ale featuring lactic acid from a short kettle souring and yeast cultured up from a bottle of Redchuirch Urban Farmhouse. The result is a unique combination of flavours, not quite the flavour of a saison and only a little bit wild (acidic), with gentle hops and a good moussy head. All the output was bottled, no cask.

Image on the label is the trace of three Lorenzian equations whose solution produce this pattern around two points in space (the 'attractors') and the outcome is not predictable. A tiny change in the initial parameters when calculated and fed back in on successive iterations produces a similar but different pattern. This is non-linear or 'chaotic' behaviour. A bit like brewing wild beer.

Serve chilled.

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Gluten-free. Tested independently.

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer