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Je Suis Charlie

Saison 6.0%
Bottle conditioned, in 375 ml champagne bottles.
Release date January 2015.

Brewed on: 15.8.2014. Casked 3.10.2014 Bottled: 14.1.2015 onwards

Dedicated to freedom of expression

This beer is a Crab Saison that has been further aged in a 30 litre oak cask for 3 months to develop the flavours. The barrel was re-made from old Port wine barrels in Porto, Portugal. That's why it is a limited edition - because the cask is rather small!

When I came to bottle and name this beer I was moved by the events in Paris in January when terrorists attacked the offices of the satyrical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket. I thought, here am I expressing myself freely through the medium of beer. Jes suis Charlie.


Designed to accompany Cromer's famous sweet crabs that are landed on the beach here from Easter to the late summer or autumn. A glass of this will grace your table or picnic. This has a light hopping with North Norfolk wild hops and late hopped with Citra to produce an easy drinking pale ale. This brew used a different yeast to previous ones - Belle Saison dried yeast - and it has a dry, peppery finish and has flocculated well to leave the beer very bright.

Tasting notes

A very clean, crisp, tasty pale ale with a good head and that characteristic smack of saison yeast.

This beer is produced without the use of any finings, filtering or pasteurisation and it is bottle conditioned, so all the flavours of the ingredients are preserved for your enjoyment. Serve cool and avoid disturbing the natural yeast deposit if you prefer a clearer drink. Gluten free and tested by Ridascreen competetive ELISA (negative) on 30.9.2014.

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer