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Hawkey Frolic

Malty harvest ale, 5% abv, in cask, 500 ml and 660 ml bottles, crown capped.
Release date .

Brewed on: 13.11.2017 Bottled: 26.11.2017.

This is a revisitation of a bottled beer from 2015 but this time aiming at a more sessionable ale for both cask and bottle. Like its predecessor it is based around the malt: not Maris Otter this time, but one of its ancestors, Crisp Maltings' Plumage Archer organic. There is also Crystal and Brown Malt for flavour and colour.

Once again the hops are Goldings from my garden, Aurora and Willamette (45 IBU). But I have not used the heritage yeast from NCYC but the old favourite Nottingham yeast from Lallemand.

Gluten free status

Gluten free.

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer