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Flowers of the Field

Bottle conditioned herb saison, 6.3% abv, in 375 ml and 750 ml champagne bottles, corked and caged and 750 ml Belgian bottles.
Release date 25 August 2016.

Brewed on: 23.6.2016 Bottled: August 2016.


I was inspired in the early days of Poppyland by the beers of Dany Prignon at the Fantôme brewery. I wish I could obtain them more often but I haven't seen any for a little while now. One of these days I must visit the brewery in Soy, Wallonia.

Here I return to the rustic saison style with an infusion of wild flowers, first tried in 2012, only this time it is a whole brew of 330 litres. After missing the season for meadowsweet time and again I was able to nail it this time around, picking from country lanes near Thurgarton and Thwaite, plus tansy and water mint gathered from Thwaite Common and also elderflower from earlier in the year (dried). I used Cascade, Northern Brewer, Aurora, Willamette and Dr Rudi hops to give a solid hoppy background while the flowers give additional complexity on top of the phenolic saison yeast character. At 6.3% it is the usual strength for a Poppyland saison. I enjoy drinking this very much and we have had some decent weather both for the picking in the countryside and the drinking in my garden.

Again I have elected to use champagne bottles to emphasise the exotic and luxurious nature of this brew. The majority are half champagne sized (375 ml) but for those summer barbecues I thought I would do a hundred 750 ml bottles. Champagne bottles are more expensive than ever now but they do look very pretty don't they?

Serve chilled.

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Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer